7 Best WordPress Video Gallery Plugins: YouTube Galleries Made Easy

Are you looking for the best WordPress video gallery plugin for your website?

Regardless of the purpose for which you plan to use them, video galleries can showcase your content in a way that captivates your audience.

In this post, we’re going to cover the different video gallery plugins for WordPress and explain what each can do for your website.

We’ve also included a quick comparison of our top tips to help you find out which of these video plugins is best for your needs.

Let’s start:

The best WordPress video gallery plugins in comparison


  • Choose Modula if you need the best WordPress gallery plugin for viewing pictures and videos.
  • The Envira Gallery is ideal for those who want a comprehensive gallery plugin built into WooCommerce. Supports videos and pictures.
  • Go for Embed Plus for YouTube if you want a dedicated WordPress video gallery plugin that specializes in YouTube.
  • Choose Total Soft’s Video Gallery if you want a simple free video gallery plugin for WordPress.

Now let’s take a closer look at the full list of plugins:

# 1 – module

Modula is a popular WordPress gallery plugin that can handle anything from videos to images.

Simply select the videos from the media folder of your WordPress site or embed the YouTube and Vimeo links in the gallery. Then drag and drop them into the gallery of your choice and post them with a unique link or embed them on a page.

You can customize the look and feel of your galleries by changing their layout in grid or column. There is also the option to create slide show and slider galleries to make your work much more impactful.

If you want to give potential clients or clients access to your exclusive work, you can password protect galleries and albums to keep them safe from the public.


To create video galleries, you need to purchase the paid version starting at $ 25 per year for a website.

The simplest paid plan also lets you use video gallery filtering and sorting, as well as a lightbox slideshow.

For premium features like slider and auto-play slideshow galleries, password protection, and the rest, you’ll need to buy one of the higher plans.

# 2 – Envira gallery

The Envira Gallery gives you the best of both worlds as a content creator.

The powerful and easy-to-use video gallery builder allows you to display your work in the way potential customers can see it.

Choose from the premium video gallery themes to enhance your presentation and make an even better impression on your audience. This also cuts the time it takes to build galleries instead of starting from scratch.

If you know your way around code, you can add custom CSS and styles to customize your galleries even further.

At the same time, you can use this WordPress gallery plugin to sell your video content from your website. Envira Gallery is integrated into the WooCommerce plugin. You can use the galleries to showcase your videos beautifully and increase your sales.


To create video galleries with this plugin, you need to pay $ 89 per year for the pro version for five websites. You get all the features like priority support, WooCommerce integration, the ability to create albums and organize your galleries, and much more.

# 3 – Embed Plus for YouTube

Embed Plus for YouTube is great for those looking for a simple video gallery plugin that focuses on YouTube.

It makes it easy to embed your playlists and channel gallery on your website with just a few clicks.

To make your videos pop even more, you can also choose from three different gallery layouts: grid, slider and vertical.

The plugin also has customization options that will make the YouTube player appear the way you want it on your website. For example, you can hide the related videos that appear at the end of each video on YouTube.

If you’re into live streaming, this video gallery plugin allows you to embed the stream from your channel to increase engagement on your WordPress site instead of YouTube.

And thanks to the lazy loading and parsing of JavaScript, the galleries won’t affect the speed of your website.


The free version is available and includes most of the above features.

However, the Pro version (available for three plans starting with a one-time payment of $ 39.99 for a website) includes features like a full visual embed assistant, delayed loading, YouTube live chat, and much more.

# 4 – Total Soft’s video gallery

Total Soft’s Video Gallery is a great choice for people who want to showcase their videos beautifully.

This WordPress video gallery plugin has some of the most diverse themes to choose from, each with its effects, floating animations, pagination and loading styles, and much more.

This is an affordable option for people who want to post their videos uploaded on YouTube, Vimeo, DailyMotion, and other streaming websites to their WordPress website.


All plans – including the free version – let you create unlimited responsive video galleries with drag-and-drop sorting.

To unlock the range of themes and effects, you need to go for the personal plan with a one-time payment of $ 15 for a single website.

The business plan (one-time payment of $ 25 for five websites) gives you access to the premium plugins for WooCommerce pricing tables and event calendars.

# 5 – YourChannel

Similar to Embed Plus, YourChannel is a video gallery plugin that is used to display YouTube videos on your WordPress site.

First, copy your channel ID and paste it into the WordPress plugin to create different galleries for your videos. Search the videos on YouTube right from your dashboard to make your job easier.

To prevent the galleries from affecting your website’s loading speed, you can paginate your videos by splitting them into several sections. You can also control the number of videos to display per load.

There is also an option to cache YouTube API responses so that the video galleries load faster.

From here, you can view comments on your YouTube videos before or before the videos start playing.

Finally, create your subscribers by enabling the subscription widget for the videos in your gallery.


With the free version you can use the basic functions of the plugin.

To access the premium features like video pre-loading, YouTube video search, and the subscription widget, you’ll need to spend at least $ 19 on a single website. You can upgrade your account from one year of support to five years at a higher price.

# 6 – All-in-one video gallery

If you want to compile your self-hosted videos in various formats (MP4, WebM, OGV, etc.) and videos from YouTube, Vimeo, etc., the all-in-one video gallery will help you get the job done.

This gallery plugin allows you to create responsive miniature galleries for your videos. It also automatically creates the thumbnails that appear in each video so you don’t have to.

You can also showcase them using the slider and pop-up templates to dynamically showcase your videos.

If you accept user submitted videos, you can do so by specifying the types of videos they can send, the default status of the videos posted, and more.

Finally, you can view ads from Google AdSense and make money from the videos in your gallery.


The free version has the basic features for creating video galleries for your WordPress website.

There are two plans to choose from for the paid version.

The Pro plan ($ 4.99 per month or $ 149 one time payment) has all of the premium features mentioned above except for the monetization options. This only applies to the business plan ($ 9.99 per month or $ 289.99 one-time payment).

# 7 – Video gallery by source code

If you want a simple yet effective gallery WordPress plugin for displaying videos as part of your portfolio, then you should look at the video gallery by source code.

Similar to Total Soft’s video gallery, there are tons of gallery views and effects to choose from to showcase your YouTube and Vimeo videos, as well as your self-hosted videos, in an impressive way.

Combine the gallery views (gallery / content popup, content slider, lightbox gallery, etc.) and effects for the videos when people mouse over and click on them.


There are three paid plans to choose from, all of which offer the same features: the Single Site License ($ 19.99), the 5 Site License ($ 39.99), and the Unlimited Site License ($ 59.99).

As you can see, the difference is in the number of locations each plan supports.

What’s the best WordPress video gallery plugin for you?

Among the various video gallery plugins on this list, Modula and Envira Gallery are miles ahead of the pack.

Aside from being able to create video galleries in WordPress with just a few clicks, the customization options give you full control over how you not only showcase your videos, but keep them safe and secure.

And for those who are solely focused on YouTube, Embed Plus for YouTube is also a very good choice.

You can create galleries for your videos and view YouTube live streams from your website. Also, the ability to embed so many videos in your gallery without impacting on-site performance is commendable.

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