Easy methods to Create Stunning, Coming Quickly Pages in WordPress Utilizing SeedProd

Do you want to make a beautiful page for your WordPress site soon?

All websites require a pre-launch page which will be available shortly. It allows you to build anticipation, generate hype, and get the word out even before your main website is launched.

In this article, we’re going to show you how to quickly and easily create beautiful upcoming pages in WordPress.

Why should you be creating pages in WordPress soon?

In a nutshell, pages aren’t just a placeholder for your website. They can be an effective lead generation tool for your business even before the website even starts.

Here are a few ways that we briefly used:

  1. Measure user interest – If you are not sure about an idea, you can use the next few pages to assess the users’ interest in the project.
  2. Build up hype – Coming Soon pages can also be used to create anticipation and generate hype. Share product information and incentivize users to share.
  3. Capture leads – Build your email list and ask users to follow your social profiles. This way, you can have likes and followers as social proof even before you even start the site.

To create a soon to be released page in WordPress, you would need to get the best WordPress hosting and install WordPress.

You can also find more detailed instructions in our step-by-step guide to creating a website.

Example of what we are going to create

Below are some examples of effective page design that will be available soon.

Coming soon page with countdown timer, email form and social buttons

Coming soon page with full screen wallpaper, lead registration form and countdown timer

Coming soon, page preview with email registration form and social buttons

Here’s how to create a beautiful page that will be available soon

First you need to install and activate the SeedProd plugin. For more information, see our step-by-step guide to installing a WordPress plugin.

SeedProd is the best WordPress page building plugin out there. You can use it to create any type of landing page, including the Coming Soon page to restrict access to your website and turn the pre-launch page into a guiding magnet.

Note: There is also a free version of SeedProd that you can use. However, this tutorial shows the Pro version as it has more features.

After activation you need to visit SeedProd »Settings Page to enter your license key. You can find this information under your account on the SeedProd website.

Enter your SeedProd license key

Next you have to visit SeedProd »Pages Page and then click the “Coming Up Soon a Page Setup” button.

Set up a page that will be available shortly

The next screen will ask you to choose a template. SeedProd includes several professionally designed page templates that you will be able to choose from in no time. Just click on a template to select it.

Choose a page template

This will launch the SeedProd page builder user interface. You’ll see a live preview of your selected template, which you can simply point and click to select and edit an item.

SeedProd Page Builder interface

You can also add new blocks to your page using the left column. Let’s add a countdown timer that will tell users when your site will start.

Just drag the ‘Countdown’ block and drop it on the page preview where you want it to appear.

Add a block

After that, point to the countdown block and click on it. The properties are displayed in the left column.

Editing a block in SeedProd

You can edit the page as you wish. Add different blocks, change the text colors, add your business logo and much more.

Connect your email marketing service

Once you’re done designing, you can switch to the Connect tab. Here you can connect your email registration form to your email marketing service provider.

Connect your email marketing service

SeedProd supports all of the top email marketing platforms. For this tutorial, we will be linking our upcoming site to Constant Contact. Just click to select it and then click the “Connect New Account” button.

Connect your email account

Next you need to provide an API key and name for this connection. Just click the Connect to Constant Contact button to continue.

Get the API key

This will open a popup where you will need to log into your Constant Contact account. Then click the Allow button to give SeedProd access to your contact contact account.

Allow access

Next you will be shown the API key that you need to copy and paste into SeedProd and you will hit the connect button.

SeedProd then pulls your email lists. You need to select the email list you want to use and then hit the “Save Integration Details” button.

Publish your Coming Soon page

Once you’re done with the page design and integrations, it’s time to publish your upcoming page.

First you need to hit the Save button and then select “Publish” to save your upcoming page and make it publicly available.

Publish your upcoming page

SeedProd will now publish your page and you can exit the page builder by clicking the Close button.

Next, you need to enable the Coming Soon mode to ensure that your site visitors only see the Coming Soon page.

Just go to SeedProd »Pages Page and then switch the switch under “Coming Soon Mode” to “Active”.

Turn on the Coming Soon mode

SeedProd will now enable “Coming Soon” mode for all of your websites. You can still sign in and work on your website, but other users who are not signed in will only see the upcoming page that you created.

Page preview in brief

Advanced settings for the upcoming page

SeedProd gives you control over how your upcoming page is displayed. You can access these advanced settings by using the SeedProd »Pages Page and click the “Edit Page” button in the “Coming Soon Mode” box.

Edit page shortly

This will launch the page builder interface where you need to go to the Page Settings tab. Under the general settings you can specify a title for your page, select the isolation mode or change the page template by starting with a new one.

General page settings

By default, the plugin will show your upcoming page to all users who are not logged in. However, with SeedProd, you have full control over who can access your website while it is about to be.

This is useful in certain situations. For example:

  • You only want to allow a client to view the site when logged in
  • You want to make some urls publicly available
  • Allow users with a specific IP address to view the website.

For advanced access rules, click the Access Control menu to choose who can access your site when Coming Soon mode is enabled.

Control who can access your website in the upcoming mode

You can also go to the SEO tab to provide an SEO title, description, a selected image to use when your link is shared on social media websites, and more. You can also tell search engines not to index this page.

If you’ve installed popular SEO plugins like All in One SEO, SeedProd works seamlessly with those too.

SEO settings for your upcoming page

Lastly, you can go to the Scripts tab, which is where you can add third-party scripts that you may need to add. For example, you may want to add Google Analytics code, Facebook pixels, or other tracking code here.

Add third-party scripts to your upcoming page

Don’t forget to click the Save button above to save your advanced page settings.

Turn off the Coming Soon page

Once you’re ready to publish your website, SeedProd makes it easy to turn off Coming Soon mode.

Just visit SeedProd »Pages Page and turn off the ‘Active’ switch in the Coming Soon Mode field.

Turn off the soon mode in WordPress

Creating a maintenance mode page in WordPress

Some website owners may want to see a maintenance mode page instead of an upcoming page. A maintenance mode page is useful when your site is under maintenance and you want to let your users know that you will be back soon.

SeedProd’s Coming Soon Pro plugin also lets you create beautiful maintenance pages in WordPress.

Just go to SeedProd »Pages Click the Set Up Maintenance Mode Page button.

Set up a maintenance mode button

The rest of the process is the same as creating a page that will be created shortly. You get full access control and can easily turn maintenance mode off when you’re done.

We hope this article has helped you learn how to create beautiful pages in WordPress in a little while. You might also want to check out our ultimate guide to increasing your blog traffic and our comparison of the best business phone services to improve your workflow.

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