Methods to Get Rid of Human Breasts: Step-by-Step Plan to Rapidly Scale back Breasts

"Can I get rid of my man's breasts quickly and naturally?"

Unpleasant phrase? For sure.

But that won't make us shy away from the topic here at Nerd Fitness.

We work with our online coaching clients on solutions to questions like these: uncomfortable questions and challenging situations that are difficult to talk about and for which there are actually helpful solutions!

We do that and we are really good at it.

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Today, let's tackle the "Moobs" situation head-on by covering all of the following points in this MASSIVE guide:


What are "Man Boobs"?

Let's talk about some medical definitions as this will help us put "man's breasts" in an appropriate context.

  • Gynecomastia is defined as the benign growth of the male mammary gland tissue. The National Institute of Health states that this is usually caused by "increased estrogen activity, decreased testosterone activity, or the use of numerous drugs (1)".
  • Pseudogynecomastia is when male breasts are enlarged by fat deposits, due to an increase in body fat that is genetically distributed throughout one's body.

Most men struggling with "man boobs" or "moobs" fall into this second category, and the "pseudo" means that they do not actually have the disease "gynecomastia".

There is no such thing as a hormonal imbalance.

Instead, the body just stores extra fat in the chest area.

I will mainly talk about losing body fat and building muscle to lose "moobs," but I will also talk about gynecomastia and medical conditions later.

Next up!

Can You Get Rid Of Man Boobs?

Why Do Some Men Store Fat In Their Chests?

We all process and store calories differently in our bodies.

And how our bodies store excess calories is a critical concept for our discussion of “man boobs”.

If you eat more calories than you burn day after day, month after month, year after year, your body has to do something with that extra energy.

Most of the time, when you are sedentary, the body stores this energy as fat to use later.

Depending on your genetics, your body may choose to store this fat in your buttocks, intestines, thighs, or your chest.

Probably a combination of all of these things.

And for some of us, a large part of that body fat is deposited in our chest area.

And so man breasts.

To reverse the process, we need to take a natural, two-pronged approach to addressing the "moobs" problem in a natural and safe way:

Exercise and diet.

In particular, strength training and calorie reduction.

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Can Exercises Target Breast Fat?

Fat and muscle are two different "systems" in your body.

Fat sits on muscles like oil sits on water.

When you target a specific area for weight loss, like a thigh master, you are all you are Really In doing so, you train the muscle under the fat on your thighs.

And don't get me wrong – this is great (the muscle, not the thigh master).

More muscle is a good thing.

And yes, any exercise results in a burnout of calories – which is critical to fat loss.

However, we also have to think of the other system:

The fat rests on top.

The way to get rid of "man boobs" focuses on three points:

  1. Eating a calorie deficit (uses fewer calories than you burn) so your body needs to break down your fat stores (including the fat stored in your chest) for energy. You can calculate how many calories to eat to start with.
  2. Weight training hard so that more calories are diverted to build muscle instead of being stored as fat.
  3. Weight training to build the muscle beneath the fat. Muscles with a low percentage of body fat look dramatically different than men's breasts.

Here's why: Weight training is easy on the muscles you have (and can help build your chest muscles).

Your body also needs to rebuild the muscle that breaks down during exercise, so it uses up the extra calories you need to do so instead of storing it as fat!

Think of it like Harry Potter's sorting hat (come on, that's Nerd Fitness).

When you train strength, your body behaves like the sorting hat and diverts the calories that come to the cool kids' table (“Build muscle again!”) And not to the “Save as fat” table.

This is a message we really get across in our guide to "Lose Fat While Gaining Muscle".

With a strategy of slight calorie restriction combined with adequate protein and vigorous weight training, you reduce the body fat on your muscle while building the same muscle underneath.

This results in tighter skin with less padding (fat) stretched over tighter muscles.

And boom – confidence-building chest muscles that King Leonidas would be proud of!

In other words, we are approaching "man breasts" from outside and inside.

The best workouts for reducing "man boobs": Strength training

If you are currently sedentary, weight training is the best form of exercise to build a confidence building body.

In our opinion, a strong man is a healthy man.

We'll get you started in three areas:

  1. Development of our chest muscles (chest muscles under your "man breasts")
  2. The same goes for the broadening of our shoulders.
  3. We can also improve our posture to make sure we are tall and proud, inflate our chests, and pull back our shoulder blades.

To achieve each of these goals, we focus on building strength in our PUSH muscles and our PULL muscles.

Our first stop is pushups, a basic exercise for developing upper body strength.

We can show you the right way here:

I don't care if you have to do them from your knees or do an elevated push-up:



We all start somewhere and the name of the game is progressive overload – it gets stronger with every workout!

In addition to the push-up, let's consider the following as the top 5 advanced chest exercises.

These are the types of exercises that we incorporate into the training programs for our coaching clients to reduce breast fat and build muscle in this area:

# 1) Bench press (barbell or dumbbell).

If any piece of equipment is visually linked to a gym, it is a bench press. If you've never used one before, check out our guide to using a bench press safely here.

# 2) Bench press tendency.

You can also work on an incline bench press to develop a rounder pectoral muscle that targets your upper chest.

# 3) Overhead pressing.

Not only can your pecs help push forward, they are also exercised as you push overhead.

Different chest exercises are a great way to target all sides and parts of your chest and build rounded pecs.

Here is a dumbbell variant if you can't work out with a barbell yet:

# 4) bodyweight dips (ADVANCED)

Once you start developing serious strength, you can begin building up your advanced bodyweight training with bodyweight dips!

# 5) Ring Pushups (ADVANCED)

It's no secret that I'm a fan of gymnastics rings. It's hard to keep secrets when you are write about how great the gym ring workout is. Personally, I don't know of a better way to build upper body strength and muscle than with a pair of gymnastics rings.

In our guide to building your own workout, make sure you do a push exercise every time you workout to start building your chest muscles.

Start again with pushups.

Get started today.

If you can't do a regular push-up, a knee push-up is perfectly fine.

Just do it.

After you become comfortable with pushups, move on to the advanced movements above, or follow some of the following workouts:

I asked the male members of our Nerd Fitness Prime about man boobs, and many have reported doing these chest exercises to improve their looks.

Aside from improving male breasts, weight training will improve every other aspect of your life.

After weight training, it will be much easier to get groceries out of the car, do what consenting adults do, and defend yourself against ninjas.

Now I wouldn't be sure if I hadn't included two other exercises that could change your life:

# 1) barbell squats

# 2) Barbell deadlift

These two basic barbell movements are the most "efficient" exercises for building strength and burning fat.

They are recruiting your central nervous system and every muscle, joint, tendon, and bone in your body to get stronger.

In fact, if you could just do 4 exercises for the rest of your life I would say:

  1. Squats
  2. Deadlift
  3. pushups
  4. Pull-ups

Show me someone who is super strong in these four movements and I'll show you someone who has a great physique.

Seriously, don't neglect those PULL muscles!

This exercise doesn't seem intuitive: why work on your back muscles when we are trying to build the muscles in our chest muscles?

Balance and posture.

By building strength in our PULL muscles, we strengthen and tone our back muscles. This, of course, results in us pulling our shoulder blades back and down into the correct position and giving ourselves better posture.

If you do ONLY chest exercises, you are more likely to become unbalanced, resulting in contracted pecs, hunched shoulders, and poor posture.

Here are some options for building your back muscles and improving your posture:

# 1) rows of dumbbells

# 2) body weight series

# 3) pull-ups (here's how to do proper pull-ups)

And if you can't do a chin-up just yet, here's a great chin-up development that shows you how to do assisted pull-ups to build strength, like this:

Not read for too long: Get strong and your life will get better.

Build muscle in the right places and it can help reduce "man breast" problems.

Well if you are all:

“Steve, that sounds great. I want to train strength, but damn man. I am already aware of my man's breasts.

How the hell do I get enough confidence to hit the gym if I don't know what I'm doing! "

Good question.

If you want expert guidance, form checking, and personalized training (and nutritional advice) to transform your body, wWe have a private one 1-to-1 coaching program that spurs nerds to take action.

Discover how a nerd fitness coach can help you build a strength training program. Find out more here!

Plus, you don't even NEED a gym to work out (it might still be closed due to the pandemic). Here's exactly how to train from home.

Okay, we talked about exercise.

And I mentioned "nutrition" as an important component when it comes to weight and fat loss.

80-90% of the question of how to get rid of man boobs depends on how you answer the question: "What do you usually eat? "

The Science of Fat Loss (Proper Diet and Moobs)


I can almost guarantee that your man's boobs are NOT the result of slow metabolism or slow genetics (other than how your body stores excess body fat).

This is due to the fact that you have eaten too much every day for years.

Once you finish getting mad at me and defending yourself about it, you will find that this is great news!

Why? Because it's repairable.

You are not broken.

All you have to do is change the way you handle food.

To do this, we will focus on sustainable changes.

After all, temporary changes produce temporary results.

And we want Man to get rid of breasts permanently.

So in order to be able to lose body fat, we have to consistently consume more calories than our body uses.

Let's put some numbers on this: 3,500 calories are roughly equivalent to a pound of fat.

There are seven days a week.

If you want to lose a pound of body fat in a week (a worthy, sustainable goal for some), you need to create a calorie deficit of 500 calories a day:

Either by 500 fewer calories, 500 more calories, or a combination of both.

Remember that:: A daily deficit of 500 calories compared to what you normally eat to lose a pound a week.

What do 500 calories look like?

  • The number of calories found in one big gulp of mountain dew.
  • An estimate of the calories it will take to run five miles.

Hopefully those two points above made your head explode.

"Steve, you say in order for me to counteract sipping on a mountain dew while owning noobs in Fortnite, would I have to run 5 miles?

I haven't run a mile since physical education. And that was 15 years ago.


Diet is 90% of the equation when it comes to weight loss.


Okay, I don't know the exact percentage, but 90% is dramatic enough.

I hope to make you realize that changing your diet is the most important thing you can do to reduce "man boobs."

Of course exercise is important.

However, when it comes to creating a calorie deficit, it is much easier to reduce calorie consumption than to increase "calorie expenditure".

In other words, would you prefer to dump the mountain dew or run five miles?

It is for this reason that Rule 4 of the Rebellion states, "We understand you cannot escape your fork."

Let us combine our discussion about "man boobs" with our fitness philosophy: You overeat and your body stores those calories wherever it sees fit.

Unfortunately, in your situation it will be decided to keep them in your chest area.

You can't change the past.

But you can change your future … and you don't even need a mad scientist.

So we're going to reverse the trend:: eat a calorie deficit, consistently and permanently.

Over time, your body reacts by burning fat from certain areas in a certain order (again, this is beyond your control).

When your body fat percentage drops far enough, it should start removing the body fat from your chest area.

We have two ways forward.

Path one: Count every single calorie consumed. Every meal and bite is recorded, no matter what. You can use a food journal, a calorie counting app like MyFitnessPal, etc.

It will teach you a lot about the food you eat and about yourself.

How many calories you should be eating can be used with our TDEE (Total Daily Energy Expenditure) calculator.

It works, but boy is it challenging:

WAY TWO: Follow our "simple plate" approach from our healthy eating guide. L.Earn portion sizes and make slightly better decisions. Focus on getting enough protein and vegetables and eating fewer liquid calories.

I know diet overhaul is easier said than done.

However, it is time to take a proactive approach to your diet.

You're reading this article because man boobs are a real problem for you – do some research on what you are eating and work on reducing the calories!

And we'll get into that in the next section: What foods you eat that will help you cut down on your calories without leaving you unhappy.

What should I eat to lose "moobs"?

The nerd fitness philosophy on nutrition can be written in four words:

Eat real food mostly.

I laid out everything in our beginner's guide to healthy eating, but come on.

Don't act like you don't know what "REAL food" is.

Food that grew in the ground, on a tree, ran on land, swam in the sea, or flew through the air. Meat, fish, eggs, vegetables, fruits, nuts are good examples of real foods.

This is what we should eat even though we all know it.

Do You Know Why Real Eating Helps You Lose Weight?

Because if you are mainly sticking to REAL foods, you are likely to naturally create a calorie deficit.

But why?

The fine folks at WiseGEEK wrote a great post taking pictures of what 200 calories of a particular food look like.

With 200 calories of broccoli, you'll have enough broccoli to fill a whole plate:

Or half a Snickers Bar:

Yes. And who eats half a Snickers and says, "I'll save the other half for later?"

In the truest sense of the word nobody.

If you want to consistently create a calorie deficit, the answer is to focus on REAL foods.

Of course, I know a Snickers bar is way tastier than broccoli – it was designed by scientists in a lab to be AMAZING!

And I'm not going to tell you to never have a Snickers again.

Instead, you need to start being proactive in your food choices. If you're going to have a Snickers, you'd better plan for it by cutting down on your caloric intake elsewhere.

And if the scales don't move and your husband's breasts aren't getting smaller, you're still overeating!

Should You Do The Mediterranean Diet? Keto? Vegan?


Could be!

They all follow the same premise: If you change the foods you eat, you are more likely to be eating a calorie deficit without struggling. Certain people respond better to certain diets than others.

I personally follow a mental model diet, which is summarized here:

  1. Minimize and plan for processed foods – they are designed for you to overeat. Take another look at the Snickers bar. Do you Really Think you'd only eat half of one to stick to 200 calories? Of course not.
  2. Eat vegetables. Vegetables are rich in nutrients and low in calories. Also, because of all the fiber, they are difficult to overeat. Imagine eating all that broccoli. Are you walking for seconds Probably not. So eat your vegetables to keep you full. This is how vegetables taste good
  3. Avoid liquid calories. Reduce dramatically to sODA, juices, smoothies, and any high-calorie drink. Even most coffee orders (with sugar, cream, etc.) contain a ton of hidden calories. Stick to water and unsweetened tea or black coffee. Here are our thoughts on diet soda.
  4. Prioritize protein. Your body uses protein as a building block in building muscle. Outside of repairing your body, protein also ensures you stay full and full: 400 calories of chicken makes you way more than 400 calories of Gatorade (3). When you prioritize protein on your plate, you will do a lot for proper nutrition. Some great sources of protein are chicken, eggs, beef, pork, fish, nuts, legumes, quinoa, and most dairy products. You can use our guide to protein to measure how much protein you need every day.

These four points will help you create a calorie deficit on your journey.

I know this is much easier said than done. After all, everyone knows they should eat more vegetables, and yet 70% of the country is overweight.

There is clearly more going on here than just "I need willpower and I have to work harder!"

Fortunately, you're smarter than the average bear because you read Nerd Fitness:

If you're struggling with portion control and challenges, jump right into the NF community.

We cover human behavior and psychology to help you improve your surroundings, improve your habits, and surround yourself with people who make you better (including our free message board community).

We have helped thousands of people like you here at NF and we really focus on nutrition.

As I said, it's 90% of the battle!

That is why we created our 10-step nutrition system. Each level gets a little more challenging and healthier, but you can progress at your own pace so your changes are kept!

I am sending you this 10 level guide If you enter yourself in the field here:

Download our free weight loss guide

THE NERD FITNESS DIET: 10 levels to change your life

  • Follow our 10 step nutritional system at your own pace
  • What you need to know about weight loss and eating healthy
  • 3 simple rules that we follow every day to achieve the goal

Does soy cause man boobs?

You don't have to search the internet for advice: "Avoid soy because it causes man boobs."

It is repeated so many times that it is believed to be a fact.

Is it?

In the definition of gynecomastia (medical condition of the human breasts), “increased estrogen activity” is named as the main cause.

When people say they are staying away from soy, they are concerned about the effects on hormones like testosterone and estrogen.

Why the worry?

It comes down to a compound in soy called "isoflavones". Isoflavones are a type of phytoestrogen that acts a bit like estrogen, the central female hormone.

"Phyto" comes from the Greek and means "plant". "Estrogen" is estrogen. So phytoestrogen means more or less plant estrogen.

The fear of isoflavone lies with our body, which is using this plant-like estrogen as the actual estrogen. A report by Frontiers in Neuroendocrinology found that this may be possible (4).

I should now note that we are going to delve into a controversial topic.

We will be careful and rely on good old fashioned science and studies.

However, sometimes science can point us in different and contradicting directions. In this case it is important to acknowledge the uncertainty.

Compounds in soy can act like estrogen in the body. However, does this apply to men? And do they cause "man boobs"?

A 2005 study from the Journal of Nutrition found an association between soy intake and hormone levels in men (5). However, they concluded that these are "minor".

In 2010, fertility and sterility addressed the question of whether soy had “feminizing effects on men”.

They didn't find it(6).

Their report states, "Neither isoflavone supplements nor isoflavone-rich soy affect total or free testosterone levels."

The journal concluded that "there is essentially no evidence from the nine identified clinical studies that isoflavone exposure affects circulating estrogen levels in men".

Case closed?

Probably, but I don't want to mention:

There is one documented case published in Endocrine Practice where a man may have contracted gynecomastia by drinking three liters of soy milk a day (7).

His gynecomastia disappeared when he stopped. Granted, this is anecdotal evidence that is far from evidence.

However, it's interesting and worth noting to round out this discussion. And as mentioned earlier, the ability of phytoestrogen to act as actual estrogen appears to be possible …

"Steve, just tell me, should I throw away soy to get rid of my man boobs?

Well, as with anything, quantity and context are important. Virginia Miller, an estrogen researcher at the Mayo Clinic, told a deputy journalist, "The amount of phytoestrogens in different soy products varies depending on the process method (8)."

Dr. Miller didn't think eating soy was too problematic, specifically mentioning that "eating tofu is probably okay".

Interestingly, Miller suggested that BPA found in plastic is more harmful to our endocrine (hormonal) system than eating or drinking soy (9).

Confusing stuff.

In general, there seems to be a consensus that the amount of phytoestrogens found in a normal diet is okay as long as you don't use soy products.

If you have the actual condition of gynecomastia, soy is unlikely to be the main cause.

As more research is being done on the subject, that answer may change.

My Opinion: This is a tiny piece of the puzzle …

… Not the whole picture.

If you overeat every day, you will miss the forest for the trees if you are concerned about the soy you are consuming.

That would be like … putting on a long-sleeved shirt instead of a t-shirt for extra protection before going 50 mph into a brick wall.

Instead, maybe focus on putting on a seat belt, or better yet – don't hit the wall in the first place!

I swear this analogy made sense in my head before I typed it up.

Anyway – back to the real details.

Here is the nerd fitness philosophy for soy: Focus on total calorie consumption and get dialed in for a constant calorie deficit.

Only THEN, when your body fat is decreasing and you analyze how your body reacts to all kinds of foods, will you see how your body reacts to removing soy from your diet.

Would you like to be guided through this process by an expert? A fitness partner to support you with nutrition, including remove and then reintroduce certain foods? You can by checking out Nerd Fitness Coaching:

Have a Yoda in your pocket that can answer all of your fitness questions … well, not actually in your pocket … that's weird.

Do I actually have gynecomastia?

The only way to really know if you have gynecomastia is to see a doctor.

They can tell you (often with ultrasound) whether it is a glandular breast enlargement or just adipose tissue.

You might also do some blood tests to check testosterone levels and female sex hormones, such as estrogen.

When you have an imbalance, gynecomastia could be a side effect. You will know for sure and can prescribe treatment.

They can also check that something very serious is not happening. In very rare cases, a male breast augmentation can be a sign of cancer. Yes, men can get breast cancer(10).

It should be noted: obesity itself is linked to the increase in the development of real gynecomastia.

Excess fat stimulates the body's production of estrogen and encourages the growth of actual breast tissue (11).

In other words, Pseudogynecomastia can turn into actual gynecomastia.

If you are diagnosed with gynecomastia, you and your doctor need to take the next steps. I've seen men take one of three avenues when reading anecdotes from our private support community for NF Prime:

  1. Men who have had elective surgery (liposuction and skin tightening in some cases) to remove fat due to gynecomastia. They are grateful that they are no longer aware of their chest areas. This is not an option for everyone for a variety of reasons.
  2. Others have worked hard to reduce their height through exercise and diet.
  3. Some have chosen not to treat gynecomastia or are working to reduce the fat around their breasts through diet and exercise before deciding what to do next.

If you are into "man boobs", weight management is the route we recommend whether you are facing gynecomastia or pseudogynecomastia.

Reducing your body fat percentage can help keep your hormones in balance.

Additionally, we recommend treating the root cause (poor diet and excessive consumption of calories) rather than just treating the symptom (getting rid of male breasts through liposuction).

Your unique situation is just that: unique.

I know many men who have treated pseudogynecomastia with diet and exercise, and I know others who are VERY grateful that they had surgery to treat the symptom and are much happier as a result.

No judgment here. You do you brother.

I bet you have an additional question at this point: “Can the hormonal balance be influenced in the opposite direction? By increasing testosterone? "

Is there any way I can increase my testosterone naturally?

If you suspect you may have a hormonal imbalance, speak to your doctor. They can run tests and tell you exactly what's going on, why, and how to treat it.

I'm not going to deal with medically supervised testosterone therapy (which is above my pay grade and between you and your doctor). Here is our guide to increasing your testosterone levels naturally:

# 1) Weight training. I know. A few sections ago I devoted an entire section to strength training.

However, if you're looking for a natural way to boost testosterone, weight training is a great way to achieve it.

A 2017 study found that testosterone levels, although transient, "increase acutely immediately after acute resistance training (12)".

Aufgrund des kurzfristigen Anstiegs ist die Konsistenz beim Krafttraining und beim Testosteronspiegel von entscheidender Bedeutung. Dies ist wahrscheinlich der Grund, warum „regelmäßige Bewegung“ insgesamt mit einem erhöhten Testosteronspiegel verbunden ist (13).

# 2) Stress. Cortisol ist ein Hormon, das durch Stress gefördert wird und den freien Testosteronspiegel senkt (zusätzlich zu dem Signal, dass Ihr Körper Fett speichert) (14).

Je gestresster Sie sind, desto niedriger wird Ihr Testosteron sein. Was ist eine Heilung? Achtsam sein.

Es wurde gezeigt, dass Meditationspraktiken helfen, den Cortisolspiegel zu kontrollieren (15). Möchten Sie eine Achtsamkeitspraxis beginnen? Lesen Sie unseren Nerd-Leitfaden zur Achtsamkeit, um loszulegen.

Wissen Sie, was sonst noch mit einem höheren Cortisolspiegel und erhöhtem Stress verbunden ist? Schlafmangel! Wenn Sie es sind, schalten Sie Netflix aus und gehen Sie früher ins Bett.

# 3) Übertraining. Es kann zu viel Gutes geben. Studien haben ergeben, dass sowohl professionelle Basketball- als auch Fußballspieler ihren Testosteronspiegel bis zum Ende einer Saison senken (16).

Was Sinn macht.

Tonnenweise Aktivität in kurzer Zeit lässt keine Zeit zum Reparieren und Heilen. Das gleiche Phänomen wurde bei Ultra-Marathonläufern festgestellt (17). Stellen Sie sicher, dass Sie viel Schlaf bekommen und planen Sie Ruhetage.

# 4) Iss rotes Fleisch. Rotes Fleisch ist eine großartige Quelle für die Aminosäure Carnitin, die mit einer verbesserten Fruchtbarkeit in Verbindung gebracht wurde (18). Außerdem ist es eine gute Zinkquelle, die nachweislich auch zur Regulierung von Testosteron beiträgt (19).

# 5) Ihre Ergebnisse können variieren. Mein Freund Brett von Art of Manliness führte ein 90-tägiges Experiment durch, bei dem er seinen Testosteronspiegel durch Diät und Krafttraining verdoppelte.

Um ehrlich zu sein, sollten Sie, auch wenn Sie keinen niedrigen Testosteronspiegel haben, Krafttraining betreiben, achtsam sein und Ruhe priorisieren.

Und vielleicht sogar ein bisschen rotes Fleisch essen.

Und ja, ich habe diese Studie gelesen, die besagt, dass rotes Fleisch dich töten wird. Ich bin mit der Angstmacherei nicht einverstanden (20).

Wenn Sie Hilfe beim Krafttraining, bei der Ernährung oder beim Beginn einer Achtsamkeitspraxis benötigen, schauen Sie sich Nerd Fitness Coaching an! Wir helfen Männern (und Frauen), ihr Leben zu verbessern, indem wir umsetzbare Ziele und Rechenschaftspflicht bereitstellen.

Erfahren Sie, wie ein Nerd Fitness Coach bei einer kompletten Lebensüberholung helfen kann!

Wie man anfängt, Mannbrüste zu reduzieren

Sie haben also eine Pseudogynäkomastie.

Und Sie sind daran interessiert, dies auf altmodische Weise zu versuchen, bevor Sie den Weg der Operation beschreiten.

Dies wäre mein empfohlener Weg für alle, aber denken Sie daran, dass ich kein Arzt bin und ich würde empfehlen, mit Ihrem Arzt zusammenzuarbeiten, um einen Plan zusammenzustellen.


  1. Machen Sie heute Fotos von vorne und von der Seite ohne Hemd. Auf diese Weise erhalten Sie einen Referenzrahmen, wenn Sie Ihre Änderungen vornehmen. Bilder runden Ihre Geschichte ab.
  2. Betrachten Sie ein Maßband und nehmen Sie auch wöchentliche Brustmessungen vor. Seien Sie einfach konsistent damit, wie Sie die Messungen durchführen und nach allgemeinen Trends suchen! Hier ist unser Leitfaden zur Verfolgung des Fitnessfortschritts.
  3. Befolgen Sie die oben genannten Ernährungsrichtlinien und Trainingsroutinen für den nächsten Monat. Denken Sie daran, ich habe Ihnen vier Tipps für eine gesunde Ernährung gegeben. Wenn Sie unsere angefordert haben 10-step nutritional guideDies wird dazu beitragen, diese Vorschläge dauerhaft zu machen. Außerdem möchte ich, dass Sie Liegestütze machen (auf den Knien ist ein guter Anfang). Mach es sofort. Es wird Ihnen helfen, sich auf die fortgeschrittenen Brustübungen vorzubereiten, über die ich mit Ihnen gesprochen habe.
  4. Wenn die Skala abfällt und Ihre Fotos eine "Moob" -Verbesserung zeigen, machen Sie weiter so! Wie ich bereits sagte, ist Konsistenz der Name des Spiels hier bei Nerd Fitness. "Langsam und stetig" schlägt jedes Mal "schnell und leise".
  5. Wenn Sie mit einem Arzt sprechen möchten, um zu sehen, ob etwas dagegen unternommen werden kann oder sollte, machen Sie es! Medizinischer Rat ist im Allgemeinen ein guter Rat. Bonuspunkte, wenn Sie einen Arzt finden, der Kraft trainiert und zuerst durch Ernährung und Bewegung behandeln möchte!

Ich möchte betonen, dass viele männliche Mitglieder von NF Prime berichtet haben, dass sie ihre „Männerbrüste“ durch die in diesem Artikel aufgeführten Strategien verbessert haben.

Ich würde mich freuen, wenn Sie sich uns bei NF Prime anschließen, wenn Sie eine positive Gruppe suchen, die Ihnen auf Ihrer Reise hilft.

Wir bekommen eine bestimmte Hand aus der genetischen Lotterie: ob wir schnell oder langsam Muskeln aufbauen, ob wir unsere Haare verlieren oder nicht und ob wir Fett in unseren Beinen oder in unserer Brust speichern.

Wir können wütend werden oder die Hand spielen, die uns gegeben wird.

Bis jemand Roboterbeine entwickelt, werde ich nicht größer.

Lassen Sie uns jedoch unsere internen Ausreden nicht rechtfertigen oder uns einer zu großen Mitleidsparty zuwenden.

Was wir mit unserem genetischen Schicksal machen, liegt ganz bei uns. And we have hundreds of thousands of people in the Nerd Fitness Rebellion who have overcome shitty genetics to transform themselves dramatically.

If you want 1-on-1 help to transform yourself, we got you!

You don’t have to take this journey alone. Have a NF Coach guide your weight loss transformation!

We come in all shapes and sizes: you do you.

The goal of this post is educational. To teach you how your body stores fat, and what can or cannot be done about it.

It’s more than okay to love yourself and also want to improve your physique.

Body positivity and wanting to look better are not mutually exclusive.

We’re all works in progress, and that’s great.

If you want to use this post to spur you to change, like cleaning up your diet or lifting some weights, awesome!

I’m glad Nerd Fitness can help lead you into action:

  • Reduce your body fat percentage through nutritional changes (which includes eating a caloric deficit).
  • Strength train to increase the amount of muscle you have, increase the “calories burned” portion of the weight loss equation, and increase your testosterone.
  • Work with your doctor if you are reducing your body fat but not seeing any changes in your chest area – you might actually have a medical condition called gynecomastia.

Want help knowing exactly how to progress from here?

I have several options for you. Choose the path that best fits your goals and schedule:

1) If you want step-by-step guidance on how to lose weight, eat better, and get stronger, check out our killer 1-on-1 coaching program:

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2) Exercising at home and need a plan to follow? Check out Nerd Fitness Journey!

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3) Join the Rebellion! We need good people like you in our community, the Nerd Fitness Rebellion.

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  • Everything you need to know about getting strong.
  • Workout routines for bodyweight AND weight training.
  • How to find the right gym and train properly in one.

I know it’s easier said than done to say “f*** the haters,” but seriously, f*** the haters.

Take your shirt off at the beach: you deserve to enjoy the sun and sea like everybody else.

We’re all a work in progress, and I hope this post helps you continue to work on yours!


PS: No seriously, f*** the haters:


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