The eight Finest Dwelling Exercise Routines: The Final Information to Coaching With out a Gymnasium

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Let's go through this 8 best workouts at home Here's How To Start Exercising Today: No Gym Or Equipment Required!

Note:: If you're here because your gym is closed due to the Covid-19 outbreak, check out our “How to Stay in Shape (While Staying Inside)” guide.

At home warm-up and stretching routines

No matter what workout you choose to do at home, I want you to start with one important thing:

Warm up!

I am describing why you should always warm up in an article that you can find here. It doesn't have to be a lot though, give him about five minutes to keep your muscles active and your heart rate up.

This will help you do the exercises correctly and prevent injury. You can run in place, air strikes and kicks, or do some jumping jacks.

Here is NF Senior Coach Staci (you might know her incredible story) who shows you many beginner options that you can use to warm up as well:

If you're curious, here's my personal (advanced) warm-up:

  • Jump rope: 2-3 minutes
  • Jumping Jacks: 25 reps
  • Bodyweight Squats: 20 reps
  • Lunges: 5 repetitions per leg.
  • Hip extensions: 10 repetitions per side
  • Hip rotations: 5 per leg
  • Forward leg swings: 10 per leg
  • Side leg swings: 10 per leg
  • Pushups: 10-20 repetitions
  • Spider-Man Steps: 10 repetitions

Our goal is not to tire you, but to warm you up.

This is step one.

Completing your chosen home workout would be step two.

Below are 8 sequences to follow!

Home Workout # 1: Beginner Body Weight

This at home routine as described in our article on bodyweight training for beginners is as follows:

We call the above "circuit training" with the aim of going through the training sequence once, then again, then again.

Note: Not a milk drinker?

If you don't have milk around the house for the rows, you can find something roughly the same weight and a good grip.

If you want to download this Beginner body weight training As a worksheet, you can do this by logging into the following box:

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It will help you track your progress at the beginning of your workout.

Home workout # 2: advanced body weight

If the above-described workout for beginners at home is too easy for you, continue with our Advanced Bodyweight Workout. The training looks like this:

  • One Leg Squats – 10 on each side (Warning: Super difficult, only try if you are in good shape)
  • Bodyweight Squats: 20 reps
  • Walking lunges: 20 reps (10 per leg)
  • Jump Step-Ups: 20 reps (10 per leg)
  • Pull-ups: 10 reps (or reverse body weight series)
  • Dips (between bar stools): 10 repetitions
  • Pull-ups: 10 reps (or reverse body weight series with underhand grip)
  • Pushups: 10 repetitions
  • Plank: 30 seconds

Not familiar with these moves? Check out the 21 best advanced body weight exercises for a full breakdown.

I warn you, the above sequence is going to hurt … in a good way. You should be proud if you can get through this three times.

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Home workout # 3: The 20-minute hotel routine

Sometimes you're just stuck in a hotel room. You might find the hotel gym, but I bet it's awful! It probably has 2 machines, a broken treadmill, and no free weights.


Instead, how about a 20-minute workout that you can do in the room yourself? Make full use of the furniture.

Level 1

Level 2

Set the alarm in 15 minutes and see how many circuits you can do!

Check out our full post on hotel routes if you want level 3!

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Home workout # 4: high intensity interval training

You don't have to go to the gym to do high-intensity interval training. You can do a complete routine right at your home!

HIIT just follows a specific scheme in which you vary your speed and intensity during a shorter run, swim, bike ride, or row.

If you don't have a huge yard, home walking can be difficult.

But do you know what doesn't take up a lot of space?


To complete a burpee:

  • Stand up, crouch down, and kick your legs out.
  • Do a push-up, bring your legs back in, and explode in a jump.
  • For a HIIT workout, try doing 20 reps, then rest for two minutes.
  • Repeat until you hate yourself.

Check out our complete guide to starting interval training for more ideas on HIIT workouts.

You can also check out our post "The 20 Minute HIIT Workout at Home" for another living room-friendly interval routine!

Home Training # 5: Angry Birds Attack

The Angry Birds Workout is designed when you have 5 or 10 minutes to kill.

Kind of like playing Angry Birds …

This is how the training plan for Angry Birds works: it's deceptively simple – just four main movements.

If you don't have time to go through the entire sequence, no problem!

Depending on how much time you have during the day, you can do all of your workout at once or split your workout into four different sessions during the day (each session being ONE of the exercises).

Here is a sample day of your training without equipment:

  • Wake up, do 40 jumping jacks to warm up, then do bodyweight squats.
  • At lunch, grab your suitcase (if you are at work, milk jug if you are at home) and do reverse rows.
  • After work, do another 50 jumping jacks and then do your pushups.
  • After dinner, do your planks while you watch TV.

You could even split it up over two days if needed, but the goal would be to do the entire sequence at once.

The main Angry Birds Workout article describes Levels 1-6 in detail, but here's Level 3 for you:

Once you have completed the full routine you have my permission to whip your phone and play the actual game!

Home workout # 6: train like Batman

We love the Caped Crusader here at Nerd Fitness so of course we have the Batman Bodyweight Workout for you to try!

Bonus points if you did this workout in a cave without equipment, Bruce Wayne would roll. (1)

This training is divided into two days for you:

Batman No-Equipment Workout Day 1:

  • Rolling squats: 5 reps
  • Side to side pushups: 5 reps
  • Modified headstand pushups: 5 repetitions
  • Pull up with tuck / pull-up with tuck-up: 5 repetitions
  • Handstand on the wall: 8 seconds

Batman No-Equipment Workout Day 2:

  • Jump turns of 180 degrees: 5 repetitions
  • Hold the front lever: 8 seconds
  • Hold the lever back: 8 seconds
  • Low frog hold: 8 seconds

This is a relatively advanced workout by now, but if you're looking to move up to the next level, check out the Batman Workweight Workout for tips on how to do this.

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Home Training # 7: The PLP Progress

The PLP is a progressive program in which you do an additional repetition of three exercises – pull-ups, lunges, and push-ups – every day for two months.

NOTE: This is NOT a beginner program and should only be attempted if you have exercised consistently and can do multiple reps of pull-ups and push-ups in excellent form.

Like that perfect push-up:

And this perfect pull-up:

This is how the PLP progression works:

Day 1:

  • Pull-ups: 10 repetitions
  • Pushups: 10 repetitions
  • Lunges: 10 reps (each leg)

Day 2:

  • Pull-ups: 11 reps
  • Pushups: 11 repetitions
  • Lunges: 11 reps (each leg)

Day 3:

  • Pull-ups: 12 reps
  • Pushups: 12 repetitions
  • Lunges: 12 reps (each leg)

How long are you going to do this

As originally planned by Chad Waterbury, the PLP training lasts 60 days. (3)

Yes … you end up doing more than 50 pull-ups.

There are two versions:

  • If you can do 10 pull-ups: Start day 1 with 10 repetitions each time.
  • If you can't do 10 pull-ups: Start day 1 with 1 repetition each time.

Do your required reps every day in as many sets as you need, whenever you want. The goal is to do it in as few sets as possible, but enough so that you can complete each rep with the correct form.

Would you like to learn more? Check my results on the PLP training.

Home Training # 8: The Star Wars Training!

Do you have access to a hallway that you can command a little?

Then you can Do our Star Wars workout!

It's designed so that it can be done in a tight space like the hallway of your home or an escape pod.

The "Padawan" level of this training is:

  • 30 seconds knee or foot front plank (3 sets)
  • 10 assisted squats or squats (3 sets)
  • 10 rows of doors (3 sets)
  • A 60-second dumbbell (or milk jug) with Farmer-Carry (Farmer & # 39; s Walk) (2 sets)
  • March at intervals of 3 minutes (6 sets of 20 seconds on, 10 seconds off)
  • 8 elevated pushups or pushups (4 sets)
  • 60 second door openings (2 sets)

If you're looking to advance to the Jedi Knight or Master level, check out Star Wars Training which also gives you a full description of each turn.

Bonus training without equipment: the playground

Do you have a playground nearby? Why not train out there? If you have kids, you can do it together. Or let yourself be ignored.

I will give you level 1 training and level 2 training. Check out the 20 minute playground workout for some level three exercises.

Level one

  • Alternating Step-Ups: 20 reps (10 per leg)
  • Elevated pushups: 10 repetitions
  • Swing rows: 10 repetitions
  • Assisted lunges: 8 repetitions per leg
  • Reverse crunches with bent leg: 10 reps

Stage two

  • Bench jumps: 10 reps
  • Lower incline pushups: 10 reps
  • Row rows: 10 repetitions
  • Lunges: 8 repetitions per leg
  • Straight leg reverse crunches: 10 reps

After going through a full set three times, go down the slide!

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How to Build Your Own Workout at Home

We just went over there 8 workouts You can do it at home (plus some workout you can do in a park).

However, you don't have to adhere to it! I have two resources to help you design your own workout without equipment:

  1. The 42 Best Bodyweight Exercises: This guide will teach you how to do the best bodyweight exercises – no equipment required! Give it a try if you are unfamiliar with the movements referenced in today's manual.
  2. To create your own workout routine: When you're comfortable with a handful of bodyweight exercises, use this guide to bring them all together into one full body workout!

That should get you building a workout that you can do in the comfort of your home.

Want more? Okay eager beaver, I have you.

We've created THREE options for people like you:

1) If you want step-by-step instructions, a customized training program that increases as you gain strength, and a coach to hold you accountable, check out our Killer 1-on-1 Coaching Program:

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2) If you want a daily home exercise prompt, see NF Journey. Our fun habit-building app will help you exercise more, eat healthier, and (literally) improve your life.

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Okay, your turn: I would love to hear how your home workout is going!

What workout above did you try? Did you make your own

Leave a comment below with your results or questions you have about training at home.

For the rebellion!


PS: If you were buying a device that you could use in your home, a kettlebell gives you a lot of versatility:


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